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What types of glitter powder?


Glitter powder is also called flashing flakes. Because of its large specifications, it is also called gold onion flakes. It is made of PET, PVC, OPP metal aluminum film materials of different thicknesses with extremely high brightness and precision plating.

The main types of glitter

1.PET, PVC glitter powder

The product is composed of vacuum metal polyester plastic film. Its color layer is a thermosetting cross-bonded epoxy layer. It can produce a wide range of colors. It can be used for wood, paper, cloth, metal through screen printing, coating, spraying. , Leather goods, ceramics and other materials. Form special and eye-catching effects such as decoration or reflection. PVC material glitter powder is not resistant to high temperature (60 ℃), acid and alkali. The pet material gold glitter powder is resistant to high temperature (190 ℃) and acid and alkali.

2. Metallic glitter powder

The product is composed of extremely thin aluminum foil, and its colored outer layer is a thermosetting cross-bonded epoxy layer. Glitter powder (glitter) is suitable for many soluble materials, can also be dry coated. Metallic glitter powder is an ideal material for plastic products, temperature resistance is 250 ℃, acid and alkali resistance.

3. Symphony series glitter powder

This product is a unique Symphony Glitter powder, which does not contain metal components. However, due to the optical properties of the polymer film that constitutes this product, this product has a metallic color change and gloss, with obvious color changes. Especially suitable for printing, craft industry, cosmetics, jewelry, make the product have the appearance of changing colors.

4. Laser series glitter powder

The product is made of imported high-brightness, high-brightness laser original film, coated and colored by high temperature, and cut by professional precision machinery to form uniform-shaped sequins. The original film is generally an environmentally friendly PET laser film. The price of the produced laser glitter powder is higher. Because the reflective effect of the laser glitter powder is better than that of the general glitter powder, it is generally used in injection molding, glass building materials and other industries to make it shiny See through the surface.

glitter powder

The types, colors, and specifications of glitter powder on the market are high-quality glitter powder, which is reflected in the following major indicators:

1. High brightness: Identified from the surface brightness, high-quality glitter powder has high flash, high brightness and obvious mirror effect.

2. The shape is the same: high-quality glitter powder, look at the shape of glitter powder under the microscope, the shape is regular, showing a standard hexagonal shape, there are no different sizes and powder.

3. Resistant to strong acids and alkalis: high-quality glitter powder, soaked in liquids of strong acids and alkalis for a long time to keep the colors bright.

4. High temperature resistance: It can be steamed. The glitter powder is top grade after it is cooked at high temperature without fading or partial fading. This method is mostly used to identify glitter powder used for glitter and nail polish.

Glitter powder can be used in the main forms of injection molding, screen printing, coating, spraying, and is used on paper, cloth, wood, metal, leather goods, plastic, ceramics and other materials to form special or eye-catching effects such as decoration or reflection.

Its characteristic is to enhance the visual effect of the product, so that the decorative parts are uneven and have a more three-dimensional sense. And its highly glittering characteristics make the decoration bright and eye-catching.

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