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What is the use of the water transfer printing sticker right?

by:KILY     2020-04-24
printing sticker in the right using method 1: will be printed by tattoo stickerprinting paper up soaked in water for 30 seconds, until the pattern already can slide on paper can be 2: clean up the surface of the object and drenched with water. Remove the bubble good water stickers, posted surfaces, left hand rub gently touched the surface of the membrane, to generate a displacement of paper and film. On the right side of the bottom paper reveals, this time with the right hand pull the bottom paper, left hand holding the film has been exposed. Right hand twitch the bottom paper slowly, until the bottom paper away. Images may produce internal blisters or slight deformation, it needs to be sorted out, and fixed. The location of the image will be moved to the need and fixed. With a rubber sheet or cloth sponges squeeze dry film under water, pay attention to methods, from the nearest fringe, first don't too hard, make design completely stick on the surface. 3: dry, can bake 80 degrees 15 minutes and can also be dry naturally for 12 hours, tore to locate the membrane on the surface of the can. Model sticker should be the first to be part of the water from the whole piece of paper cut, soak in warm water for 1 minute or so. Then try to twist it gently. Confirm the glue between the plastic film surface and bottom tape has melted, plastic film can be separated, remove it from the water. Put it on the model need to paste the location of the pattern, near a finger gently put patterned plastic film from the bottom paper slip into the model surface. The bottom paper can throw it away. Accurate position adjustment, the pattern between the stickers with health cotton swabs and model of residual moisture to suck, extrusion residual bubbles at the same time. Place to dry again, plastic water all kinds of logo on the sticker can be firmly stuck on the model surface.
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