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What is the performance of flash powder?

by:KILY     2020-05-15
Golden cosmetic glitter, also known as flash, flash powder, because of the large size is also called the golden onion sequins by high pure brightness difference thickness of PET, PVC, OPP metal aluminium film raw materials for plating, coating by careful cut. Golden onion cosmetic glitter particle size can be from 0. 004mm - 3. 0 mm can be produced. Environmental protection is PET material. The form a quadrangle, hexagonal, such as rectangle, prismatic, etc. Silver glitter pink divided into laser, laser, laser color ( Including red, blue and green purple pink black) Silver, gold, color ( Red, blue, green, purple pink black) Iridescence series. All lines were combined with surface coating, color bright, the climate, the temperature of mild corrosive chemicals have a certain resistance and temperature tolerance. Golden onion cosmetic glitter effect, as a kind of special surface treatment materials, golden onion cosmetic glitter ordinary used in handicrafts, ornaments, Christmas candle torch technology, cosmetic, couplets, silk screen printing industry ( Cloth, leather, shoes, new series) , decorative materials ( Glass crafts, crystal glass; The crystal ball) , senior paint, hotel decoration, furniture paint, toy surface, silk flowers, such as line, its characteristic is to reinforce the product's visual effect, make the decoration part rugged organized, have stereo feeling more.
The increasing consumption demand in key segments such as tattoo sticker, stick on body gems and tattoo sticker have been driving the sales of and its derivatives worldwide.
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