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What is PET glitter powder?

by:KILY     2020-01-12
Glitter powder (glitter) , Also known as flash film, flash powder, because of the large size also known as glitter sequins are made of PET, PVC, OPP metal aluminum film materials with extremely high brightness and different thicknesses, coated by precision cutting. PET glitter cosmetic glitter detailed glitter powder particle size can be from 0. 004mm-3. 0mm can be produced. Environmentally friendly is made of PET material. Its shapes include quadrangle, hexagonal, rectangular, prismatic, etc. Glitter powder is divided into laser silver, Laser gold, laser color (Including red, blue, green, purple pink Black)Silver, Gold, color (Red, blue, green, purple pink Black)Symphony series. Each color system is equipped with a surface protective layer, which has bright color and has certain resistance and temperature resistance to mild corrosive chemicals of climate and temperature. As a unique surface treatment material, glitter powder is widely used in Christmas crafts, candle crafts, cosmetics, screen printing industry (Cloth, leather, shoes---Shoe materials, new year pictures series), Decorative materials (Craft glass products, polycrystalline glass; Crystal glass crystal ball) , Paint decoration, furniture painting, packaging, Christmas gifts, toy pens and other fields, its characteristics are to enhance the visual effect of the product, so that the decorative part is concave and convex, more three-dimensional. And its highly flashing characteristics make the decorations bright and dazzling. There are also Cosmetics, eye shadow in the field of cosmetics, nail polish and various nail art products, which are widely used. Because onion powder is a bright effect formed by plastic film and coating, it is widely used in food packaging industry. However, onion powder is strictly prohibited from being added to food. With the continuous development of science and technology, cosmetic glitter will be used more and more widely in various fields. PET and PVC glitter powder this product is composed of vacuum metallic polyester plastic film, and its color layer is thermosetting cross-bonded epoxy layer, which can produce a wide range of colors, it can be used on wood, paper, cloth, metal, leather goods, ceramics and other materials through silk screen printing, coating and spraying. Form special and eye-catching effects such as decoration or reflection. Pvc material glitter powder is not resistant to high temperature (60 ° C)Not resistant to acid and alkali. Pet material, glitter powder, high temperature resistance (190 ° C)Acid and alkali resistance. Metal onion cosmetic glitter this product is composed of extremely thin aluminum foil, and its colored outer layer is thermosetting cross-bonded epoxy layer. Glitter powder (glitter)It is suitable for many soluble materials and can also be applied dry. Metal onion powder is an ideal material for plastic products, with a temperature resistance of 250 ℃ and acid and alkali resistance. Magic color series onion powder this product is a unique magic color onion cosmetic glitter and does not contain metal components. However, due to the optical properties of the polymer film that makes up the product, the product has the change of metal color and luster, there are obvious color changes. It is especially suitable for printing, craft industry, cosmetics and jewelry, making the product have a color-changing appearance. Laser series glitter powder this product is made of imported high-brightness, high-color laser film, coated and colored at high temperature, and cut by professional precision machinery to form sequins with uniform specifications and shapes. The original film is generally an environment-friendly PET laser film, and the price of laser onion powder produced is relatively high. Because the reflective effect of laser onion powder is better than that of ordinary cosmetic glitter, it is generally used in injection molding, glass building materials and other industries, make it shine through the surface.
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