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What are the patterns present water stickers can be used to make?

by:KILY     2020-04-22
we used to say, is actually a kind of stickers, stickers in the use of different places is craft gift water to soak in the water, wait for his design and substrate surface separation, was able to stick the pattern on to stick objects, and then wipe the water and air bubbles, wait for after the water completely dry, stickers can be good attached on the object. So what pattern gift water stickers can be used to make? Made gift water stickers pattern 1, very solid: craft gift water stickers processing technology in the application of specific performance, it can not only work out very fine patterns, and patterns of degree is very high, too strong to be able to keep products have the same aesthetic. 2, elegant design, craft gift tattoo stickerprocessing of design, has a very high degree of fine, especially compared with the traditional heat transfer process, the pattern that the processing is a very fine degree of advantage to performance. 3, vivid light patterns: the pattern that craft gift tattoo stickerprocessing, in addition to being able to present a very high degree of fine, also can present a vivid light this feature. This can be seen, the process at the time of application, able to work out the patterns of the vivid light. Application of water transfer printing process can produce the pattern, with such craft gift water stickers, nature can effectively increase the product's aesthetic.
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