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What are the application of water sticker in daily life?

by:KILY     2020-04-16
Slowly along with the progress of The Times, the application in daily life, shows that the transfer market potential is very huge, consumers to product packaging, coating, grade of demand is higher and higher. For the printing industry, has transcended the traditional paper printing. Water stickers from industrial products to daily necessities, and then to office supplies, etc. , all need to package the surface to surface packaging need transfer to achieve, so transfer has deep into the industry, the scope of application is becoming more and more widely. Because the is the use of special carrier to re-post the pattern to the surface of substrates, so it used the material is very special. Used as the raw material of water transfer printing on the market at present a lot of more phyletic, the price also has difference. But no matter what kind of difference, after the water transfer printing has to all-round development in the direction of convenient and practical three-dimensional. Water stickers just a fraction of the industry developed at present, but you can be sure, in the future, the transfer will be more big, the application scope of development in various industries, so-called has the need to have the market. Increase of adhesion of processing method 1, spray primer, as an intermediary, to transition the transfer layer adhesion. 2, water stickers processing object appearance of sand paper burnish, can increase its appearance. 3, need water transfer printing processing of workpiece exterior impurities, immediately remove the oil, etc. 4, using the treatment agent, between substrate and coating spraying layer, improve the function of adhesion between the layers, get rid of the paint.
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