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What applications does biodegradable glitter have?


Have you ever seen biodegradable glitter? The adornment action of biodegradable glitter is very big, biodegradable glitter can have the effect that makes the finishing point, so you know biodegradable glitter is applied in what respect? Let's take a look at the application range of biodegradable glitter.

 biodegradable glitter

    Common application of biodegradable glitter

1. the application in cosmetic: biodegradable glitter cosmetic is the ideal product that modern person pursues, it can make the person that love beauty is beautiful and moving and do not have any poisonous side effect to the skin. KILY biodegradable glitter has non-toxic, gorgeous natural pearl luster, which is widely used in cosmetic production. In cosmetic production, the pearl pigment from the outer packaging to the content, can give full play to its role in color.

Powdery cake, lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, aerosol hairspray can add the proportion of 3% in base material, the burnish that produces is very attractive, and cosmetic application person will more glamour 4 shoot! In addition, biodegradable glitter can also be used with such organic pearlite as ethylene glycol stearin to make the color and luster better.

2. the application in the plastic industry: biodegradable glitter is translucent, in the application process, must pay attention to its luster performance and make use of, can achieve good biodegradable glitter effect. KILY biodegradable glitter has stable chemical properties and is a non-metal pigment, so its safety can be guaranteed. Accordingly, the application in clinker processing is very extensive, for example artificial leather, wall paper, plastic packing film, cosmetic, the packing of shampoo things, home appliance plastic part, arrive artificial pearl, plastic button and other plastic products, use bead light pigment extensively to increase attraction.

Moreover, biodegradable glitters can be applied to almost all thermoplastics and some thermosetting plastics. The concentration of the biodegradable glitter used in plastics depends on different application conditions, but is generally 1-2% (account for the weight of the resin) to achieve a satisfactory biodegradable glitter effect, for some film products, to use up to 4-8% biodegradable glitter concentration. In addition, some less transparent pigments also need to use a higher content of biodegradable glitters or larger particles to highlight the effect.

3. the application of ink and paper printing, pearl pigment rich strong adornment effect, can be used alone or blended with other pigment to join all kinds of printing ink in the body, and then through the way of printing, gravure or flexo, made the pearl ink, paper, cardboard, wallpaper, can make the plastic, textiles, elegant candle luster and metal effect. KILY biodegradable glitters are available in various sizes and can be selected according to the printing method.

4. ceramic and enamel applications: in the classical style of porcelain products to add some pearl luster, can make the design or pattern on the porcelain more vivid. The mica titanium biodegradable glitter made of synthetic fluorogold mica or crystal mica flakes has strong resistance to high temperature and can be widely used in ceramics and enamels. However, the biodegradable glitter made of ordinary Muscovite cannot withstand the firing temperature of ceramic and enamel beads. When used, the biodegradable glitter is mixed with the magnetic glaze, and then coated on the porcelain cup that has been dried according to the degree of glaze application. Calcination is carried out under the condition of maintaining strong oxidation in the kiln. When the temperature reaches the appropriate, beautiful biodegradable glitter can be formed.

5. leather industry: pearl pigment effect is obvious, non-toxic, tasteless, high temperature resistance, strong chemical inertia, widely used in natural varnish, artificial leather for printing and surface coating treatment, can make the original monotonous color become more rich. There are also biodegradable glitters mixed with transparent resin to produce biodegradable glitter leather directly, depending on the situation.

6. automotive paint: because of the biodegradable glitter physical stability, good dispersion, almost all paint can be applied. And general coating production, as long as the right amount of pearl pigment in a variety of coatings in the transparent substrate, you can get pearl coating, the most suitable for use in cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other products paint. KILY exhibition pearl pigment acid and alkali resistance good, suitable for water - based picture to oh, resistance to sulfide, sulfide, will not change the color phenomenon, and the pigment has not conductive characteristics, the most suitable for electrostatic coating processing.

7. Bronzing process: adding biodegradable glitter into the bronzing process can better show the process effect of the fabric and highlight the overall visual effect of the overall pattern. Make the traditional bronzing process more colorful.

Generally speaking, biodegradable glitter is used to express burnish effect than some more important, the proportion of color is some less. In addition, the advantage of biodegradable glitter also lies in its good physicochemical characteristics, which is determined by its material composition.

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