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Water stickers off color problem

by:KILY     2020-04-19
1, tattoo stickerdo goods files with guest for file parameters is wrong, this man who had a lot of, usually get a guest do and guest profile, direct output printing is right, but when the second printing must compare a sample and where is the difference between big, change again from a computer file parameters, it can be a very good control again big color difference. 2, again a color difference problem is color printer tinted, due to the offset printer (CMYK four primary The LanHongHuang black base color) To knock the role set, each kind of color does not reach the designated position, will form the whole function, color also is said CMYK each primary colors can have the status of the transfer does not reach the designated position, so the computer printing color red champak black tendency has, perhaps, when no one can completely control. 3, tattoo stickerstay after printing color general colour is completely dry. Silk screen printing transparent surface oil, actually is not pure and transparent surface oil, after it is printed on the surface color deepens the degree of red yellow color. And surface oil because of chemical data cannot control every time a surface oil modulation transparency is same, dilute concentrations of oil, and the degree of thickness, oil temperature during different storage time and seal, can affect the depth of the color is also different. 4, this one is specially colored difference, haven't contact with the above three, main tattoo stickeroff color and the color palette of technical personnel's contact, another is related to color, the color card every book has a little color difference, so the color of color difference is the smallest.
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