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Water stickers are the technical effect and application of the industry?

by:KILY     2020-04-18
Water stickers, also known as water transfer printing sticker, water mark, color paper, film, water transfer paper, water transfer printing, transfer printing paper. tattoo sticker is a kind of brand-new products surface treatment technology, it was based on the water as medium, combined with cutting-edge offset printing and screen printing technology of precision forming new technology in surface design. The traditional surface treatment such as painting, painting, screen printing, pad printing, etc. , in the process of operation often these process there are some disadvantages, can't let customers are very satisfied. And water transfer printing sticker when deal with the problem not only easily, and can apply to different material, more because of the pattern of colour and lustre is lively and raise the added value of products, make you stand out in a competitive business, become a peer in the flower! Water sticker application industry: does the toy gift: plastic toys, simulation cars, toy cars, model aircraft and other products surface pattern processing; Does electronic products: mouse, U disk, MP3 players, ear chassis, controller, ram shell, following from blowing, telephone, small household electrical appliances, clock table products such as surface pattern processing; Does sports: helmets, bicycles, roller skates, cue racket products such as surface pattern processing; Does art gift: brush pot, picture frames; Does the candle process: candle crafts, polly handicraft, resin handicraft, wooden crafts, art, like box products such as surface pattern processing. Material applicable scope: plastic ABS, PC, PP, PVC, PU, PE, acrylic, metal, glass, ceramics, wood, etc.
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