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Water stickers applied to greatly improve the value of the product

by:KILY     2020-04-17
Water transfer printing technology should be a lot of people have heard of it, this is now used more frequently, a technique that, might as well be called the pad printing, with the traditional printing technology is very different, generally pad printing technology for complex shape of the workpiece is helpless, and the special function of water transfer decals will be able to cope with this problem is not only easy, and can be applied to different materials, due to the design, colour and lustre is lively and greatly improve the additional value of products, its characteristic is also very rich, let's take a look at: ( 1) Bearing in any object of curve and surface appearance, regardless of the pad printing can do it, it can be easily, can completely replace the pad printing. ( 2) tattoo sticker screen printing: product colour and lustre is gorgeous, solid ink layer. Picture frame body feels strong, is other printing method. ( 3) Water stickers offset printing, first used in network and messy picture gradient effect. Folding process: ( 1) Tear to cut off the paper first, and then the required drawings to cut out. ( 2) Into room temperature water immersion, to picture can slide along the water decal appearance to stop ( About 5 - - - - - - - 10 seconds) 。 ( 3) Removed to stick in the bearing in delay method to stick the desired location, with a soft cloth or paper towel evenly to bubbles and moisture. ( 4) Air drying, robust, About four hours) Moment, but also into the oven bake, about 30 minutes, the temperature of 75 degrees or so, the completion of transfer printing. ( 5) Their appearance if sprayed with a layer of light oil, no matter any action will be greatly improved. Don't spray can also but poor adhesion.
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