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Water sticker processing when the water temperature is too high and easy damage to graphic

by:KILY     2020-04-23
Important parameters of quality, the water temperature is too low, it can let the tattoo stickersubstrate membrane solubility decreased, and then water temperature too high can cause damage to graphic, and then caused by deformation, heat transfer tank to be able to use automatic temperature control device, control the water temperature stable range. Mass artifacts, can substitute for water transfer printing equipment for hand work, able to put its fixed on the rotating shaft, and then the tattoo stickerfilm surface and heat transfer in the graphic layer, coated to protect paint in order to enhance the resistance of graphic layer on the environment, to be painted on the surface treatment, spray paint can use solvent-based light oil, natural drying or heating dry spray after; Can also run out of oil, but more to adapt to the requirements of environmental protection of light oil curing need to be used mixed with the hardener of form a complete set, in order to be able to increase the adhesion fastness, can use hair dryer dry, also can put the product in dry drying box, plastic products with high drying temperature is not the etheric, probably, high temperature easy to deform the substrates; Metal, glass, ceramics and other materials drying temperature can increase appropriately, use with hardener; The thickness of the coating can be ameliorated by adding an appropriate amount of thinner, light oil viscosity to control. Need to pay attention to the water pressure cannot too big, otherwise easy to damage of transfer printing graphic.
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