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Water sticker processing technology in the application of the toy industry

by:KILY     2020-04-20
With the development of science and technology of our country obtained great achievements in water transfer printing technology, but there is still room for improvement in the overall level, are involved in many industry toy water stickers, it makes base paper on water absorption, high, absorption ability and surface properties, etc, and is a big gap between the imported base paper compared, especially those professional manufacturers do not have water base paper coating technology, difficult to meet the requirements of subsequent layers coating. As people more and more high to the requirement of product packaging and decoration, their use is expanding, except for the traditional ceramic decoration, glass decoration, also widely used in metal products, wood products, plastic products, cloth products and packaging decoration and other fields, such as decals for sporting goods, metal fittings, toy car model toys on the surface of the water sticker, and some difficult to direct printing items. Water transfer printing technology, with its practicability, extensive adaptability, substrates, and the advantages of energy saving and emission reduction, favored by consumers, and as people to the improvement of product packaging and decoration, its utility is more and more widely. As the toy tattoo stickerfilm market demand increasing, long-term dependence on imports restricted the development of the water transfer printing film and its related industries. The indirect printing and perfect printing effect to solve the problem of many product surface decoration, suitable for all kinds of ceramic, glass, metal, wood, plastic, fabric, leather, marble, and not high temperature resistant, unable to bear the pressure of material transfer.
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