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Water sticker pattern design and color is?

by:KILY     2020-04-23
Water because sticker lines, a detailed analysis of design and color coated tension is very good, for it is very easy to the surface of the substrates can be twined, graphic form graphic layer, the surface of the product will look like painting has a very different visual effect, water transfer printing label on any substrates in the shape of the workpiece, as manufacturers can solve the problem of three-dimensional products of printing, surface lie also can carry on the different grain on the surface of the product, but also can avoid some pages printed in conventional phantom, and in printing of logistics, because the surface of the product without the need for and the printing, can avoid the damage to the product surface and its integrity, some water sticker pattern design and color: water sticker pattern design and color, rounding 1, matte texture: matte texture of interior trim components with a sedate, costly, atmospheric characteristics become a luxury vehicle interior decoration first choice. Optimal cool car card in water transfer printing technology to increase process finished matte products made of automobile interior trim parts. 2, tattoo stickercolor parts: car mahogany thing technology can transform illustrations for including automotive exteriors, interior and furniture, decoration and so on any hard material to do design and color is modified. Water paster protean for car interior operating stores in different industries' income. Peach wooden interior is one of the main material of car interior trim, set in the instrument panel, control panel, shift lever head, the place such as door armrests, the steering wheel. High middle-grade cars on the interior, this configuration, the current epidemic peach wooden interior, in the car decoration etc.
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