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Water sticker is?

by:KILY     2020-04-17
Water stickers, namely after soaking water treatment to use stickers. Is water as carrier and bottom paper separation and transfer the pattern to the substrates, implement the principle of indirect printing, is a new transfer printing technology. Simple and good-looking and practical water stickers, use method you must know. 1, the model of should be the first to be part of the cut out from the whole piece of paper, soak in warm water for 1 minute or so. 2, and then try to twist it gently. Confirm the glue between the plastic film surface and bottom tape has melted, plastic film can be separated, remove it from the water. 3, put it on the model need to paste the location of the pattern, near a finger gently put patterned plastic film from the bottom paper slip into the model surface. The bottom paper can throw it away. 4, accurate position adjustment, the pattern between the stickers with health cotton swabs and model of residual moisture to suck, extrusion residual bubbles at the same time. Place to dry again, plastic water all kinds of logo on the sticker can be firmly stuck on the model surface. Water stickers process 1, first to tear to cut off the paper, then the required drawings to cut out. 2, into the room temperature water immersion, to the drawing paper on water surface sliding stop ( About 5 - - - - - - - 10 seconds) 。 3, remove the post content required in bearing position in delay way, with a soft cloth or paper towel evenly to bubbles and water. 4, abundant air drying, ( About four hours) Moment, but also into the oven bake, about 30 minutes, the temperature of 75 degrees or so, the transfer is completed. 5, if again on the surface spray a layer of light oil, no matter any effect will be greatly improved. Do not spray can also but poor adhesion.
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