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Toy water stickers to remove smudges? What are those?

by:KILY     2020-04-16
tattoo sticker has become a major industry in = used for the main material of surface decoration products, using water transfer printing technology, the printing a variety of toys on the surface of objects, and produce all sorts of beautiful design, but sometimes, because of some factors and cause water stickers left dirt, so how to remove? Below small make up to your popularity: toy water stickers to remove smudges method 1, put on the glass or product appearance toy tear, with warm water ( Use hot water in winter) Put wet towels, traces in the toy water stickers swab repeated twice, and then with a wet towel on soap, scrubbing traces in place repeat several times. Then expanded wipe with a clean wet towel, stickers traces are removed. 2, with toothpaste even alter in the toy water stickers appearance, slightly stay a moment, and then use soft cloth to wipe, sometimes adhesive is more and more strong, just again on a no traces of rooting out to alter the toothpaste, way, still can remove the headache of adhesive, its principle is toothpastes contain glycerin, is a good amalgamation agent, that can dissolve the adhesive composition, also in many other cosmetics contain glycerin, can also be used to remove stickers. 3, again: pen paper knife, suitable for glass, floor tile and other hard bottom; Use alcohol to clean, suitable for glass, floor tile, clothing, etc. ; Frozen, toy water stickers backwardness frozen hard, can be torn off directly, should not be suitable for using alcohol, scratches, etc. 4, heard that wind can also, if is a toy water stickers, also can use blower, the heat is easy to peel, but is not suitable for plastic, plastic deformation will overheat. 5, using a ram heat, the effect is very good, in the home also convenient each fundamental have duct blower, no matter the stickers can, glass, plastic, wood, metal, with ram first hot blow back and forth a few times, to tear apart a small edge, down at the direction of the tear slowly while using ram hot blow, the effect is very good.
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