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Tattoos how to use?

by:KILY     2020-04-15
Under normal circumstances, the tattoo sticker is one of the popular decorative products, is it convenient to use, style diversity, can have very good beautification effect, many people often use tattoo stickers. The tattoo placed how to do? Let below small make up to make a brief introduction. Tattoos using method 1, clean the skin before using discount tattoo stickers will need stickers clean skin parts. Skin grease dirt will affect the viscosity of discount tattoo stickers. Clean the skin directly wipe bath or clean with water. 2, with water to wet the bottom paper tattoo paste on the back of the paper ( Called the bottom paper) Wet coating, or put the stick into the clean water, discount tattoo stickers manufacturers introduce see bottom paper color darker, that is, when water infiltration. 3, stick tattoo discount discount sticker will be ready tattoo sticker stick on the skin of the face with a design, design with nails blowing gently on the back, be careful to evenly coated, every place, want to discount tattoo sticker manufacturer to explain in this way can make the design of sticker on all effective on the skin. 4, tear off the bottom paper painted the good sticker with fingernails, slowly the bottom paper off. Discount tattoo stickers manufacturers warned if there is no post sticker design is on the bottom paper, can be labeled with fingernails scraping coat again again. 5 after pressure sticker finally tore off the bottom paper, towel, towel and press, one is to water, and remove air bubbles, doing so will help keep the tattoo is more natural, stay on the skin for a long time. Discount tattoo stickers manufacturers suggest general is better with a warm towel. 6, with crystal if is crystal tattoos, discount will tattoo stickers, orderly slowly with the tweezers to take crystal on the tattoo. If it is other tattoo paste effect, is also to tattoo paste well then do the final decoration.
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