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Tattoo sticker is harmful to the body?

by:KILY     2020-04-15
We haven't considered when buying tattoos their skin whether can accept, just like some people's skin can't accept tape, lit sticker is the same, the gelatin ingredients you work, don't know what it is, and whether these tattoos done many allergy test you work, don't know, these are posted to your sticker on the skin of a glue inside actually contains excessive amounts of harmful ingredients, light person cause skin irritation, peeling or blisters, the person that weigh cause skin itching and erosion, etc. Long-term exposure to the sun, it makes the sun's rays and harmful chemical composition of the reaction of these stickers, allergies and other adverse reaction, for the sticker in the composition with science laboratory, which contains carcinogenic ingredients, formaldehyde, mercury, etc. , are simple is absorbed by skin easily, these components can be on the formation of a person's metabolism organ has serious damage and injury. Prevalence of monochromatic sticker on the market has been gradually filtering, and the new up the colorful sticker damage is bigger, the gorgeous color stickers are mostly by industrial paint to solve the problem of sticker production, industrial paint in order to secure pigment of safe sex, increased phenolic aldehyde amine curing agent and phenolic amides curing agent to ensure that the sticker color safe to increase the adhesion, and add many preservatives, to ensure that the color of keep bright for a long time, these stickers to use the color of the paint is very complex, in order to make the color more gorgeous, bad vendors and to increase the cinnabar, inside the vermilion is ancient crane, is a highly toxic paint, creature fuel containing cadmium, cadmium toxicity is very big in the air or food to human body harm is very large, Japan has been appeared cadmium poisoning, people call this kind of disease pain pain disease. There is a lot of friends love to exposed skin in the hot summer on the sticker, but I do not know this sticker in the hot sun, absorbs many harmful rays of light on the skin, makes our skin burns, especially the color is gorgeous and the colour is heavy tattoos formation damage is more serious. Improvement skin greatly increases the chances of harmful ingredients such as uv, make the skin damage is same. Long-term will tattoo stickers on the skin also does not favor the same skin breathe freely, there are many tiny pores on the skin surface, if the long-term use of stickers can block the pores, make skin inflammation, it is best not to post and use for a long time.
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