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Personalized water sticker why so popular?

by:KILY     2020-04-24
With the continuous progress of modern science and technology, many people dream before all dare not to technology arises at the historic moment. Printing industry, for one, now people are not satisfied with the printed directly on the paper. Many different from paper materials and exterior complex physical printing to printing test are put forward. This time the birth of a new term, that is: water transfer printing and is at present the most popular is the water transfer printing. It has a broader and more market potential. Water transfer printing application range is very wide, almost all of the printing industry is inseparable from the water transfer printing technology. The principle of water transfer printing actually very simple, it is through the water transfer paper, with water as the medium to re-post the pattern to the surface of substrates. This is it one of the main reasons for the water sticker popularity. Its advantages are many, here are a few: such as elegant, manufacturing process, low cost, save manpower material resources, but also very environmental protection. How do tattoo stickerprinting operation, the operation of the water only the method of tattoo stickerprinting sticker transfer printing process and key points: 1, the pattern will be cut off, from 25 to 40 degrees Celsius in the warm water. 2, take out after about 30 seconds to 1 minute, transfer paper, has been found that the design may be on paper slide which is separated from the bottom paper, paper can be sol have also been on the surface of the melt and become a sliding paper. 3, natural drying, sufficient to cover the light oil after baking process, attention must be fully dry, can appear otherwise baking later they bubble, form of waste. Bubble is in the process of water transfer printing post-processing multiple phenomenon, must from whether dry, supporting the use of solvents, whether transparent selection of light oil is appropriate, and analyze reasons to solve them. 4, because the film layer has a certain toughness, in blow dry pattern layer of water, to blow water while patterns in the irregular surface can be well adhered to lie down, and this is the biggest advantage of this way of water transfer printing. 5, clean up with water sticker , drag the bottom paper, one hand hold the pattern can use drag-and-drop to conveniently post surfaces, the alignment position after water transfer paper, or rubber strip uniform design of dry layer of water, make pattern and submissive in material surface, again with a clean dry moisture absorbent cloth pattern which has completed the transfer.
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