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How to correctly use water sticker softener?

by:KILY     2020-04-22
It can function as a mild solute with a slight 'dissolved' water stickers. So water stickers can and its surface completely tightly combined together. Use softener not closely the stickers it will stick into the gap, to cover the protruding rivet, around the curve. Softener mainly for when the weather is cold and water mix in decal. tattoo sticker has a characteristic, is easier in the low temperature embrittlement harden, in this case the decals ( A small decorative pictures posted on goods) , if it is on the plane to doesn't matter, if there is a string and stretching are needed, it is easy to crack. Actually solve the problem of cold season to use the simplest way is to use warm water decals, is better than use the softener. If because of the ink itself, that if you add a softener role in decals are slim. Now factories do tattoo stickerin winter use stretchability good ink ( Ink has been added in the softeners) , in fact, decals are rarely used such thing as a softener, some small or no technology of water stick a paper factory in just entered the industry, because do not understand the related issues, production water use label printing ink special crisps and cracking in the winter. For ink, not imported ink will be better, like the field ( Japanese) Ink in winter is brittle, in particular in the transfer of the ink to add appropriate water softener to solve cold weather stickers brittle crack problem, opposite a stronger commonality of domestic printing ink. In addition tattoo stickerfilm ( Can tear film, not to tear film) The main ingredients of resin ( Resin is usually refers to the scope of heated after soften or melt, softened under the action of external force has a tendency to flow, when the temperature is solid, semi-solid, and sometimes can be a liquid organic polymer. Broadly speaking, can any polymer compounds as raw materials for the plastic products processing is called resin. ) , some film if you use is the kind of resin is very poor, use this kind of resin film cheaper price, but will appear because of its subsistence time is too long, or the weather was cold and crisp. But if you are using the difference of film, that even during the winter transfer in water mixed with a software agent. Water sticker factory just in ink and film and source control, if too hard when decal with warm water to soak. Basically is to use softener on such things.
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