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How to apply cosmetic glitter for eye shadow?


It may be difficult for many makeup novices to apply eye shadow, but as long as you master the correct way to apply eye shadow, eye makeup is very simple and very fast.

One of them is the eye shadow cosmetic glitter. Many people like this kind of eye makeup which looks like a kind of sparkling. After reading this article, you will find that this kind of eye shadow cosmetic glitter is very simple to draw.

Brush with eye shadow of a small number first dip in the eye shadow that takes brown department to daub directly inside fold of double eyelid, deepen eye head and eye end position with eye shadow of dark brown, the position that should remember edge is repeated dizzy catch let its look more natural a few.

cosmetic glitter

Painting with a shallow color of skin of eye shadow in the location of the head and eyes lie silkworm, the dark brown eye shadow daub on the position of the eye end, with a reddish brown to deepen the color of the whole eye makeup, then dip in with finger in champagne sequins eye shadow, dots directly in the eye, of course also can use multiple stacking, until your satisfaction.

If you have a wide eye distance, you can put some sequins directly on the eye head to shorten the eye distance. Also can add a few cosmetic glitter inside the fold of double fold eyelid, can give a person the feeling of a kind of immortal wind path bone so.

Additional, can choose the glitter that a few you compare to like more, daub inside the fold of double eyelid, look for a few bigger sequin daub next at present position, this can let you look to have fashionable sense more immediately.

Use the glue that sticks false eyelash, stick glitter directly in the position of eye lower part, had better stick a bit sparser, of small range stick a bit, can give a person a kind of very dreamy very pink tender feeling.

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