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How easy to stick good water stickers?

by:KILY     2020-04-21
When it comes to water stickers, it is not strange to us, but also familiar with, of course it is not sticker, we played as a child is just about that, this kind of feeling stickers, or difficult to stick good, so how do you what is the method of simple stick good water stickers? Let below small make up to talk about for us. 1. First on the model surface spray light oil, this layer of light oil can avoid water stickers efflorescence phenomenon. 2. Cut need stickers. 3. Had better soak in warm water. This should pay attention to, don't wait for the decorative pattern of stickers and then remove the sticker backing paper separation. Just let the sticker a little soak in the water, absorb the moisture. 4. Put sticker out, non-absorbent plastic lid, wait for a moment to pattern and backing paper separation. 5. Need glue decorative pattern in the smear stickers softener, this sticker softener can stick sticker with the model of more solid and tight. 6. Move the sticker to the model, take the back of the backing paper. 7. With cotton surface recompacted decorative pattern, delivery model and the pattern between the water and softener. 8. Good water stickers. in life, tattoo stickerslowly application in daily life, water transfer printing market potential is very huge, the consumer of the product packaging, coating, the grade of the demand is higher and higher. For the printing industry, has transcended the traditional paper printing, occupies a very important role in society. from industrial products to daily necessities, and then to office supplies, etc. , all need to package the surface to surface packaging need transfer to achieve, so transfer has deep into the industry, the scope of application is becoming more and more widely. Because the is the use of special carrier to re-post the pattern to the surface of substrates, so it used the material is very special. Used as the raw material of water transfer printing on the market at present a lot of more phyletic, the price also has difference. But no matter what kind of difference, after the water transfer printing has to all-round development in the direction of convenient and practical three-dimensional. tattoo sticker just a fraction of the industry developed at present, but you can be sure, in the future, water transfer printing will be more big, the application scope of development in various industries, all need to have the market.
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