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Golden onion powder purpose in life

by:KILY     2020-05-22
May all the golden onion powder, some orders, golden onion powder is? May also daydream to green, you are wrong, golden cosmetic glitter is a quite useful powdery materials, also known as flash, flash cosmetic glitter, size zero. All within 004 mm to 3 mm, might as well make use of lines, color more bright-coloured colour in the sun. To climate and temperature have certain resistance and high temperature resistance, even for some slight rich shihua chemicals also have certain resistance to erosion. About golden onion cosmetic glitter, its use limit is too ordinary, decorations, coatings, printing ink, leather, printing, cosmetics, handicrafts, clothing, stationary, toys, etc. , etc. Is still survive in the integrality of a raw material, though the powdery substance is not often contact, but they cover the product, must be associated with survival interest rates. Girls love nail art, nail color is multifarious, now there is a kind of blingbling of glitter nail polish, is girl's preferences, besmear is on nails think itself is beautiful. It is made of golden onion powder as the main raw material nail polish. Christmas is coming, send each other CARDS between friends, starting in the company of adornment in the home, all sorts of small adorn article, hung on the Christmas tree in the corner of the silver snow, golden ball ball, there are color gift box, shining above all covers a layer of powder, Christmas tree was decorated with this this plain, it is golden onion powder. Be free and at leisure starting embroider cross-stitch, glimmer of embroidered a pair of planning a framed? Mounted after will find just embroider cross-stitch than before a lot of a lot of shiny ornament. This is golden cosmetic glitter. Golden onion powder using line so wide, is a kind of attitude in the survival of spice, wonderful color gives people the colorful live. 吗?
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