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Golden onion powder production process how?

by:KILY     2020-05-19
Golden cosmetic glitter consists of vacuum metal quality polyester plastic film, its color layer for thermosetting epoxy floor staggered fusion, can produce the color of the varieties of ordinary, but had a screen printing, coating, spray method used for wood, paper, cloth, metal, leather, ceramic and other materials. Decoration or reflective and seize the unique goals such as efficacy. PVC material with glitter powder is not high temperature resistant, 60℃) , not resistant to acid and alkali. Pet material golden onion cosmetic glitter, high temperature resistant, 190℃) , resistant to acid and alkali. The use of glitter cosmetic glitter is very ordinary, includes: 1, Christmas ornaments, The Christmas tree decorations, crafts candle torch) 2, New Year pictures act the role ofing is tasted, The Spring Festival couplet, festive supplies) 3, screen printing, Senior clothing, leather molding goods) 4, art fonts ( DIY apprentice supplies, children's toys) 5, paint decoration ( Building decoration materials, glue) 6, glass crafts, Mosaic, ceramic tile, glass desktop) 7, jewelry crafts ( Ornaments, crystal ball) 8, cosmetic products, Eye shadow, nail art product, cosmetic box) Use spray gun with pressure, to paint distribution into even and fine droplets, radiation in the coated on the surface of the coating way, manipulation is simple and applicable. Usually with a rubber or plastic as raw material, adding aluminum glitter powder, noctilucent cosmetic glitter, etc. , are exploring the molten, fraud pressure into the plastic injection molding manufacturing molding in abrasive items, large quantity product.
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