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Glue is the application scope of glitter powder?

by:KILY     2020-05-19
Colorful glitter cosmetic glitter is made by imported polyester thin film through a thorough mechanical cutting and become uniform sequins. Colorful golden onion powder, the purpose of the ordinary, there are two kinds of general, farewell is hexagonal and quadrangle, the raw materials have a PET, OPP, ALUM, etc. ; Color with gold, silver, red, blue, green, seven color, colorful, etc. Its raw material and surface protective layer can make the color is light, climate, temperature, mildly corrosive to the environment also have certain resistance and temperature tolerance. The rainbow is not resistant to acid and alkali resistance to high temperature of 110 degrees. Colorful glitter powder effect, as a kind of special surface treatment materials, colorful glitter powder ordinary used in handicrafts, Christmas candle torch technology, cosmetic, silk screen printing industry ( Cloth, leather, shoes - Shoes material class, new series) , decorative materials ( Glass crafts, crystal glass; The crystal ball) Such as furniture paint line, its characteristic is that reinforce the product's visual effect, make the decoration part rugged organized, have stereo feeling more. The characteristics of its high flash, at the same time make the decorations dazzling bright, times add brilliance. Golden cosmetic glitter glue learning aspects of golden onion powder glue good stability, not easy is shattered, color of strong, bright degree is high, does not affect the green color, washable, not glue the hand, antioxidant function is good, not easy discoloration, not net, easy to manipulate. 1, practical boundary: the practical in cotton, cotton fabric with glitter cosmetic glitter, gold glitter silver, gold and silver, laser, pearl powder, colorful, pearl powder, gold, silver printing. 2, attention items: ( 1) With the rest of the mucilage mixed use; ( 2) After you printed fabric to make an onion slices with hot press; ( 3) Baking temperature in 100 ℃ ~ 130 ℃, usually time is 1 ~ 2 minutes; ( 4) If not through high heat fixation, please put a period of time after fully cured and cleaning. 3. Packing and reserve: ( 1) Packing: packed in plastic drum, 50 kg/barrel) Or according to customer requirements; ( 2) Transportation: do check, depending on the interval distance can to the delivery or the customer; ( 3) Reserve: this product should be placed in 5 ~ 30 ℃ indoor, reserves in a cool and dry place; ( 4) Reserve time: usually for 12 months, such as super useful period tested to pass the rear can continue to use.
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