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Glitter powder used in the function of diatom ooze

by:KILY     2020-05-22
Maybe many people don't hear about. Gold flash powder, onion powder is a kind of high brightness, might as well use in many places, add color brightness, such as applying nail polish may eye shadow in girls. Maybe a lot of handicraft manufacturing surface coating, cosmetic glitter to add dazzle colour it with gold. You know that golden cosmetic glitter might as well use in the diatom ooze a diatom illuminated onion cosmetic glitter diatom illuminated onion powder as a new type of indoor coating is being ordinary use, many families TV entourage of chose diatom ooze wall and entourage of bedroom wall. Compared with the wallpaper and paint, diatom illuminated onion powder has various advantages, it is not only a natural decoration materials, environmental protection, and may wish to adjust the indoor humidity, fire retardant, heat insulation, noise reduction, the release of negative oxygen ions. Diatom illuminated onion powder in coordination to add water, and at an hour when the ratio is 1:1. 2 is good. According to the daily experience, water content less than 0. 5, the content of footnotes diatomite are rare. So, diatom mud when the choose and buy should pay attention to have a look at the water. Diatom illuminated onion cosmetic glitter is flame retardant materials, might as well resistant to high temperature of 1000 ℃, and in the process of spray fire not smoke, no peculiar smell. Seems diatom illuminated cosmetic glitter, there are a lot of huge performance, not only environmental protection and peace, also might as well make fire? And because there are golden onion powder added, so the color is more beautiful and colorful. Used as a wall of dye is a good choice. Golden onion cosmetic glitter usage is still quite ordinary.
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