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Glass bottle water stickers how to prevent the generation of white?

by:KILY     2020-04-19
In life we saw a lot of glass bottles have a beautiful appearance, we only see the beautiful appearance, but did you know is how to make the appearance, actually this is inseparable from the use of glass bottle water stickers, although said that this sticker is very useful, but the factory on the surface of the glass decoration may appear white, this will affect its aesthetic. So how to prevent the occurrence of these spots? Prevention of bottle tattoo stickerproduce white point method is first selected in water transfer printing processing yo use stronger, volatile slow activator, it'll be at the back of the convenient processing. And then water temperature can't is too high, the appropriate to reduce the water temperature, avoid activator volatilizes quickly, at the time of water transfer printing processing, when the spray activator, don't drive too big. Spray activator, snatched it evenly, bottle tattoo stickerwhite dots will affect the processing effect. And water transfer printing is very high to the requirement of appearance, in order to in the process of transfer printing will not produce the electricity, you need to in advance prevention measures, avoid white point affect the processing effect, and then improve the adhesion glass bottle water stickers, stickers processing surface of sand paper burnish, it can increase its surface to smooth, spray primer, as an intermediary, to transition of transfer layer adhesion, would require the impurity on the surface of the water transfer printing processing work, then oil and so on need to immediately remove, use treatment agent, between the substrate and the coating spraying a layer, this can increase the adhesion between the coating performance, get rid of the phenomenon of paint.
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