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Flash powder correct use?

by:KILY     2020-05-14
Flash powder particles refers to contain flash, can achieve local shiny effect, shining bright makeup. Flash cosmetic glitter is used to give the skin luster, increase the brightness of skin, make skin instantly flash, shiny and moving. Flash powder quality of a material is exquisite, feel is very smooth, very close to the skin, and has many colors to choose from. How do I use flash powder? Together we know about the below: 1, the fashion of thick eyebrow flash powder effect, make a different feeling of cool and hot. First is to draw eyebrow fashion, the bold brow position, then eyebrow end part is to spin. Next is the location of the point on the golden flash cosmetic glitter in brows. Eye makeup, tie-in use light golden brown eye shadow, light a layer, don't than eyebrows. 2, shining on delicate pink lip makeup effect, make daily makeup look more attractive. When make of this makeup look, want to use a darker lipstick to be able to bright feeling. Can use simple lip gloss to carry bright effect. Want more, you can use some joined the flash cosmetic glitter lip is sweet, more beautiful. Eye makeup and bottom makeup part will try to keep them clean.
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