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Can biodegradable glitter powder coatings also degrade?
The biodegradable coating is environmentally friendly, not plastic PET. We can provide FDA reports for reference.
What are the packaging options for glitter powder?
We can accept custom packaging, such as 3g, 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g Jars with your logo. And we can also pack by 1kg / bag.
Which kind of glitter powder is high temperature and solvent resistant?
Holographic Glitter (LB100-LB1002), high temperature resistance 180 degrees. Acid-Alkaline resistant, solvent resistant. Metallic Glitter (B0100-B1006), high temperature resistance 200 degrees, Acid-Alkaline resistant, solvent resistant. Iridescent Glitter (C02-C54), high temperature resistance 120 degrees, C02 solvent resistant. Fluorescent Glitter (S0500-S0506), high temperature resistance 160, Acid-Alkaline resistant, solvent resistant.
How long is the Lead-time and Freight?
The bulk product is 3-7 working days according to your order quantity. The sample product is 1-3 working days. The Delivery time is 3--5 days by DHL,FedEx,TNT,Ups.
What materials are biodegradable glitters made of? Is it sustainable?
The base film of biodegradable glitter is a plant-based film, the raw material is eucalyptus, which is a sustainable source.
When I found the quality of the goods, what should I do?
Before arrange the delivery, we will check the quality. If you found the quality of the goods, please contact us in time, we will give you a satisfactory solution.
How is your packaging?
First of all, we will be in strict accordance with the requirements of foreign trade on the line packaging, and then put it into a special foreign trade carton for packaging.
Dose the body jewelry tattoo sticker can be used directly on the skin?
In the domestic technology, the stick can do the top and unique. We use the non-toxic skin adhesive.This can be attached directly to the skin and can be used repeatedly.
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