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Application of luminous powder in handicrafts and toys

by:KILY     2020-01-15
If some users do not know some disposable energy of cosmetic chunky glitter when choosing cosmetic chunky glitter, they will take some detours in the selection and use of luminous powder; After all, after understanding some simple characteristics of luminous powder, choose luminous powder suitable for your own technology and requirements, and do not have to blindly pursue how long it will last; Because the light of all cosmetic chunky glitter is already very weak after 2 hours, the 10-hour and 20-hour luminous is only a theoretical test result, which is of little practical significance. With the application of luminous powder in various handicraft industries and toy industries, more and more customers begin to use luminous powder to change the performance of their products; However, many characteristics of luminous powder itself are not known to most customers. For example, there are many kinds of luminous powder on the market, not only the quality is different, but also the price is very different, the main reason is that there is no industry standard for luminous cosmetic glitter. However, products with high prices, which are not understood in our traditional consumption, must have relatively good performance, especially in the handicraft and toy industries; The demand for luminous time is not high, and the demand for body color and light absorption speed is higher. The problem of response time of light absorption is especially important for the application of handicraft and toy industries; On the contrary, the length of lighting is no longer very important, but the lighting time of signs and other indicating industries is important.
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