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Application of industry water stickers in decorating

by:KILY     2020-04-18
In this new era, if you don't go to keep up with the pace of The Times, that will be easy to social derailment, this is a very common phenomenon in the modern, but in many cases, tattoo stickercome in handy, for instance in the decoration industry or in other industries, are all will has many applications. But for many people, this sticker and the processing is very good. Let's understand: now people unceasingly to the requirement of product packaging and decoration materials, for the purpose of the water transfer printing sticker is also more and more widely, the water transfer printing processing can also be called surface water only, the effect is a degree of the surface of an object in irregular three-dimensional curved surface of a handle, this belongs to the surface of the whole printing, is the use of pure natural pattern, such as mahogany, marble stone, jade, leopard skin, markings, etc. , water transfer printing processing is a relatively special transfer printing technology, is to use the after processing the finished product membrane is relatively stable, texture clear gorgeous, strong adhesion, in today's market, and added to the water transfer printing products are more and more. In the decoration industry, the main characteristics of water transfer printing sticker is easy to realize the personalized, but this is related to its performance, because the effect of this sticker is very big. In many cases, we all should be good for processing, especially now many of the shops or some other shops, for decoration is very careful, only decorated well, will let more people to visit, and to accord with the aesthetic view of modern young people, so often used in water transfer printing sticker, use this sticker to use water transfer printing technology to also change the decoration design, that you can gain a fresh feeling, in the furniture industry, also began to slowly pop the stickers decoration.
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